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Colorless diamonds:
2 diamonds 0,30 - 0,39 carat
1 799 Euro VS 2 198 Euro

3 diamonds 0,30 - 0,39 carat
2 799 Euro VS 3 297 Euro

Amber diamonds:
2 diamonds 0,30 - 0,39 carat
1 999 Euro VS 2 400 Euro

3 diamonds 0,30 - 0,39 carat
2 999 Euro VS 3 600 Euro

Blue diamonds:
2 diamonds 0,30 - 0,39 carat
3 499 Euro VS 3 998 Euro

3 diamonds 0,30 - 0,39 carat
5 299 Euro VS 5 997 Euro

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Irisgem Diamond Process

IrisGem Diamond is a diamond created by subjecting the carbon from human hair to the same conditions as follows nature in the process of creating diamonds.

We can create a unique diamond not only from the hair,
also from wool, feathers (of animals), ashes, grass and etc.

Scroll down to see the creating process of your diamond
Сhoose your Carbon
It can be anything you want
From lock of hair to a bunch of your favorite flowers
Hair is unique for everybody and consist more than 40% of carbon that can be used to make your diamond
Ashes have a strong connection with the loved person or pet and we take only the amount we need, rest give back to you
Anything important to you
Wedding bouquet, hair of your pet, leather from your car, baby first tooth, apple from the garden, ...
Our magic
We want to tell you our secret
how it is possible to create a diamond
1. Graphitization
Proceeding your Carbon source through the process of "pyrolysis" to get a pure Carbon and heat up to
2 500 °C to make a Graphite ready for the next stage
2. HPHT Grows
Growing the diamond inside of our press by creating the same conditions as it is in the Earth
(High Pressure High Temperature - HPHT)
3. Cut
Getting the rough diamond after HPHT Grow, we need to cut it with special accuracy that you will have shiny, bright and beautiful diamond
How to order?
The main steps to get the Irisgem Diamond
Choose your IrisGem Diamond
We will confirm the order and collect your hair
The process of creating your unique diamond
Shipping the diamonds with certificates

Delivery term: 6 to 8 weeks
Unique as you are
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Our contacts
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